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House of the Dragon director Greg Yaitanes loves the new Iron Throne




There’s hardly any doubt that some props from Game of Thrones have turned into pop culture icons. The one that stands out amongst them is the iconic Iron Throne. The Iron Throne fuels the desires of the characters, to one day become the ruler of the realm by claiming their chance to sit on the wicked throne. There is a reason why Daenerys’ last surviving dragon Drogon destroys it at the end of season 8. The long history of the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones lore is very fascinating. And in House of The Dragon, we might get to see an Iron Throne closer to George R. R. Martin’s original design.

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House of The Dragon director Greg Yaitanes was totally geeking out over the new Iron Throne in the new episode of the Dune Pod podcast. He was excited when it first appeared as concept art, and then in the official teaser. He said:

“I was so glad that they showed the throne room, cause that was the thing I was most geeking out about when I saw the concept art for that. Everybody had always heard about the legend of a thousand swords and such, and then Littlefinger said, y’know, ‘it’s barely 200.’ And now you understand what it once was. So I was so glad they showed that, cause it’s about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen when you see it in person.”

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