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House of the Dragon showrunners described Caraxes as a “Failed White Boy Rapper” to the sound editor




Dragons are clever beings. They may be trained to be war mounts and to respond to oral orders. They are reported to be temperamental and must be educated to prevent them from destroying anything in their path. House of the Dragon features a lively collection of some of Westeros’ most renowned dragons, each with their own distinct personality.

Caraxes, the “Failed White Boy Rapper” dragon

In a recent interview with Collider, House of the Dragon’s supervising sound editor Al Sirkett recalled how the showrunners described each dragon to him, “A lot of people would think about the dragons and it’s just a big roar, and [Paula] bought so much more to it than that. The descriptions that Ryan and Miguel gave for these characters, for these dragon characters, were never, ‘I want the dragon to be like this.’ They would describe it in human terms.”


“Caraxes was described by Miguel in one meeting as the failed white boy rapper. Thinks he’s the coolest guy on the block. Just thinks he’s just full of it, he’s so fantastic and amazing, but he’s not. He’s a bit of an idiot. Nobody really likes him and none of the other dragons really want to hang out with him.”

Caraxes’ attitude was reflected in his sounds

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Sirkett further revealed, “And that was it, and Paula came back and every little thing like the roar was just — but it wasn’t funny what the sounds that she was creating [were], but the textures that she used were slightly off-key and weren’t, I think, what people would have expected, but that’s what she brought to the game. And I think the whole team managed to do that to move us forward into something which was different from Game of Thrones.”

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