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House of the Dragon clap board gift for cast members revealed by star Clinton Liberty (Addam of Hull)




Fans are awaiting the summer of 2024 as House of the Dragon is set to return for its second season. The Game of Thrones prequel is based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire and Blood” and introduces us to many new characters from the history of Westeros.

As the excitement builds, actors are not immune to the fervor, sharing glimpses from behind the scenes that fuel speculation and excitement. Among them is Clinton Liberty, who plays Addam of Hull, contributing to the hype with a particularly intriguing photo.

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 Clinton Liberty posts a photo with a House of the Dragon clap board cast gift

In a recent post on X, Clinton Liberty, who plays the character Addam of Hull, shared an exclusive peek behind the scenes. The photo features a clap board, a tool used in filmmaking to mark scenes and takes during filming.

While it’s important to note that this clap board is possibly just a memento rather than the actual one used on set, the information it provides is nonetheless intriguing.

The clap board displays the name of showrunner Ryan Condal, as well as the names of the directors of each episode.

Upon closer inspection, the clap board also shows information regarding three departments: “Fire,” “Blood,” and “Splinter.” This suggests that these departments worked on these specific aspects in the filming of House of the Dragon Season 2.

The intriguing part lies in the details that resemble codes, such as “205_N36G,” which suggests the last take for each department’s filming teams.

The “Fire” department’s final take corresponds to episode 5. The “Blood” department’s last scene aligns with episode 8. The “Splinter” department concludes its work with episode 3.

Speculation runs rife as fans dissect what each department might signify in the context of the series. “Fire” could potentially encompass non-King’s Landing and non-Dragonstone storylines, while “Blood” might focus on the Dragonstone narrative.

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As the countdown to the summer of 2024 continues, the House of the Dragon cast’s enthusiasm only heightens the anticipation, ensuring viewers are in for an epic journey into the heart of Westeros.

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