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Test your skills at Hodordle, a Wordle alternative for Game of Thrones fans!



Hodordle, a Wordle alternative for Game of Thrones fans

It has been over two years since Game of Thrones wrapped up its last season, and even though you might not have liked the final season, you must have recommended the show to all of your friends at least once, out of the sheer epicness of George R. R. Martin’s beautifully crafted story. You might have even watched the whole series a couple of times, read the books, just to make sure you’ve grasped every little detail, and you’re brimming with Westerosi knowledge like a true Maester. The pandemic might have pushed the Game of Thrones Comic-Con a little farther away in 2022, but fear not, there’s another place where you can show off your love and knowledge of the show.

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Wiki of Thrones proudly presents to you Hodordle, a Game of Thrones variant of the highly popular online game Wordle that has gone viral owing to its simple yet challenging gameplay. The rules are pretty simple, each day a new five-letter word is released, and you have to guess what it is within six tries. Each time you enter a letter, a color is displayed around your entry in the tile that shows how accurate your guess is. Green means the letter is present in the word and is also positioned correctly, yellow means the letter is present in the given word but not placed correctly, and if it is not present in the word entirely, it is marked grey. Pretty simple, right?


If you guess the answer correctly or don’t get it right within 6 attempts, the game shows the word and details about the character, house, or place from Game of Thrones. So what are you waiting for? Test your mettle at Hodordle and let us know in the comments below if you got it right!


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