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Hilarious video brings Pokémon’s famous dragon-type trainer to House of The Dragon




We have always wondered what it would be like to delve into the world of cartoons or shows ever since we were kids. There have been many movies on the concept. Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) was a crossover between the world of cartoons, several popular HBO shows, and the basketball arena and was widely successful. The film paid a special homage to Game of Thrones, by making one of its characters, Foghorn Leghorn, a Targaryen riding a dragon. Quite recently, a popular YouTube channel Dorkly, which creates pixelated simulations and parodies of cartoons, shows, and films, brought together the world of Westeros and Pokémon in a hilarious video.

House of the Dragonite

The hysterical video titled ‘House of The Dragonite’ shows Daemon Targaryen gathering dragonriders from all over the world at Dragonstone, to prepare for the upcoming civil war (Dance of the Dragons) that will arrive in Season 2. One of the most famous dragon-type Pokémon trainers and a member of the Elite IV, Lance of the Kanto region, answers his call, and arrives at the castle with his iconic Pokémon.

However, much to Daemon’s disappointment, Lance’s ‘dragons’ look nothing like those in Westeros, being much smaller in size and rather cute-looking. Even Lance’s favorite Pokémon Dragonite fails to appease Daemon, as it tries to fly but fails miserably, and hugs a pillar in the cutest way.

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