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Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Valyrian dragon commands that might be used in House of the Dragon




Dragons were the biggest attraction of Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, and we will see a lot more of them in the upcoming second season. The majestic beasts only understand Valyrian commands, and compared to its predecessor, House of the Dragon had a lot more dialogues in Valyrian. We finally have the complete list of all the Valyrian dragon commands that have been used/will be used in the franchise.

David J. Peterson’s comprehensive list of Dragon commands

David J. Peterson, who has developed languages for several fantasy shows like Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, recently revealed a complete list of the Valyrian dragon commands that were created for the shows. They include:


❖ Aderī! /a-DE-rī/ – Quickly!
❖ Angōs! /an-GŌS/ – Attack! (to one dragon)
❖ Angōtōs! /an-gō-TŌS/ – Attack! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Daor! /DAOR/ – No!
❖ Demās! /de-MĀS/ – Sit! (to one dragon)
❖ Demātās! /de-mā-TĀS/ – Sit! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Dohaerās! /do-hae-RĀS/ – Serve! (to one dragon)
❖ Dohaerātās! /do-hae-rā-TĀS/ – Serve! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Dokimarvose! /do-ki-MAR-vo-se/ – Focus! Pay attention!
❖ Drakarys! /dra-KA-rys/ – Breathe fire!
❖ Elēnās! /e-lē-NĀS/ – Bank! (to one dragon)
❖ Elēnātās! /e-lē-nā-TĀS/ – Bank! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Embrot! /EM-brot/ – Down!
❖ Geptot! /GEP-tot/ – Left!
❖ Gevī! /GE-vī/ – Good! (variant 1)
❖ Hegnīr! /HEG-nīr/ – Good! (variant 2)
❖ Iēdrot! /IĒ-drot/ – Drink!
❖ Inkot! /IN-kot/ – Back!
❖ Iōrās! /iō-RĀS/ – Stand! (to one dragon)
❖ Iōrātās! /iō-rā-TĀS/ – Stand! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Jās! /JĀS/ – Move! (to one dragon)
❖ Jātās! /jā-TĀS/ – Move! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Kisās! /ki-SĀS/ – Eat! (to one dragon)
❖ Kisātās! /ki-sā-TĀS/ – Eat! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Lykirī! /ly-KI-rī/ – Be calm! (variant 1)
❖ Māzīs! /mā-ZĪS/ – Come! (variant 1; to one dragon)
❖ Māzītīs! /mā-zī-TĪS/ – Come! (variant 1; to more than one dragon)
❖ Naejot! /NAE-jot/ – Forward!
❖ Ninkiot! /Nin-ki-ot/ – Land! (variant 1)
❖ Nopot! /NO-pot/ – To the pit!
❖ Paerī! /PAE-rī/ – Slow!
❖ Paktot! /PAK-tot/ – Right!
❖ Pālēs! /pā-LĒS/ – Evasive maneuvers! (to one dragon)
❖ Pālētēs! /pā-lē-TĒS/ – Evasive maneuvers! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Parmot! /PAR-mot/ – Land! (variant 2)
❖ Rāpirī! /RĀ-pi-rī/ – Be calm! (variant 2)
❖ Renīs! /re-NĪS/ – Touch! (to one dragon)
❖ Renītīs! /re-nī-TĪS/ – Touch! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Rȳbās! /rȳ-BĀS/ – Listen! Obey! (to one dragon)
❖ Rȳbātās! /rȳ-bā-TĀS/ – Listen! Obey! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Sōvēs! /sō-VĒS/ – Fly! (to one dragon)
❖ Sōvētēs! /sō-vē-TĒS/ – Fly! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Tegot! /TE-got/ – Land! (variant 3)
❖ Tymās! /ty-MĀS/ – Play! (to one dragon)
❖ Tymātās! /ty-mā-TĀS/ – Play! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Umbās! /um-BĀS/ – Wait! (to one dragon)
❖ Umbātās! /um-bā-TĀS/ – Wait! (to more than one dragon)
❖ Vēzot! /VĒ-zot/ – Up!
❖ Ynot! /Y-not/ – Come! (variant 2; lit. “to me”)


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The song Daemon Targaryen sings to soothe down the dragon Vermithor is one of the most enduring High Valyrian scenes from Season 1 of House of The Dragon. Peterson, who wrote the song, said in an interview:

“This is the song Daemon is singing. Ti [Mikkel] wrote the original English lyrics, which were three stanzas. I made sure they worked in Valyrian and added a fourth stanza to help clean things up, as more words were required to get the meaning that was packed into the original English. It was nice to hear it sung so clearly!”

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