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Here's how Jorah Mormont can cure his Greyscale on Game of Thrones



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With Game of Thrones season 6 we got to witness the beginning of a revolutionary journey undertaken by Daenerys Targaryen as she heads over to Westeros to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Dany’s life throughout the six seasons hasn’t been a cakewalk, and after we saw her get captured by the Dothraki and manage to splendidly escape them, she secured some trusted allies and embarked upon her journey to Westeros. But one ally that she doesn’t have is Ser Jorah Mormont, who betrayed her twice but later redeemed himself. However, since he got infected with Greyscale not long ago, we saw Dany send him off to find a cure and join her later.

Greyscale, being a fatal disease, is known to be incurable so far, but it is not entirely impossible to fix it. Although we didn’t get to see Shireen Baratheon give us all the details since she was mercilessly killed by Lady Melisandre, there is some hope for Jorah. Now the important question is whether a cure can be found at all.

What we know so far about the disease is that Stannis Baratheon did his research to cure his daughter of Greyscale, but there is no record of exactly how he acquired it and who gave it to him, aside from the fact that it came from someone in Dragonstone. We can get a lot of information from the Youtube video by the Daily Planetos below, which explains the origin of the fictional disease while drawing a parallel with the real-life disease Leprosy. The video discusses the possibility of Greyscale being a water-borne disease that can spread through touch and bacteria. It also delves into the beliefs and words of the Ironborn, and how they might be immune to Greyscale considering that their ritual of drowning could be a vaccine of sorts.

The theory in this video also focuses on Tyrion being a Targaryen, making him immune to such diseases considering he was touched by one of the Stonemen from whom Jorah got Greyscale. Targaryens are, as Viserys once said, unaffected by common diseases, so if Tyrion was a Targaryen, he might not get infected at all. The video later concentrates on the possible cure. The whole thing seems pretty convincing checking the scientific facts taken into consideration. Check out the video below to find out what it could be:

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Certainly an intriguing concept, isn’t it?

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