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Here are the 2 important details about Euron Greyjoy and his crew you might’ve missed in the latest episode



July 27th, 9:17pm July 27th, 9:17pm Amrit PratyushAn engineering student by profession who is at heart a true fan of Game of Thrones and loves to think and put those ideas on paper. Influenced by GRRM, Amish Tripathi and sacred texts from Indian Mythology. Yes, I strongly believe in God.

With only seven episodes in the 7th season of Game of Thrones, things are moving at a really fast pace. It was only the second episode when fans witnessed an epic naval battle between the Greyjoys . Many a lives were taken including those of Nymeria and Obara Sand, while Ellaria, Tyene and Yara were captured alive and Theon managed to make his escape. With capturing Ellaria, Euron also ensured he had the perfect gift for Cersei. After all, what better gift can one give to her other than the murderer of her daughter, chained and delivered at her doorstep.

The battle was manoeuvred in a unique and striking manner, especially the crashing of boats and arrival of Euron on the board. The battle also showed us that unlike the previous supervillains Ramsay and Joffrey, Euron was no ordinary fighter. With his skills in single combats, he was able to take down two of the Sand Snakes single handed. The Battle Axe which he was using during the battle, had its own special  meaning. The axe was a tribute to ‘Victorian’ – Euron’s brother who unfortunately was not made a part of the show. Victarion is known for his axe and it’s good too see that Euron has incorporated some of the characteristics of his older brother.

Although the battle sequence was shot in a dark ambience and the filming was too fast, but when noticed keenly, we witness Euron’s soldier chopping off tongues and torturing the enemy soldiers who were still alive. Unlike Joffrey and Ramsay, this was not an act of sadism done for irrelevant fun. Euron actually does this for a reason.

He makes sure that he cuts the tongues of his crew and also the people who he captures. He cuts their tongues so that they cannot question him back, plot against him or birth a mutiny. The men he captures help him raid other crews, chop-off tongues of the defeated crew members and the vicious cycle continues with Euron’s troops getting larger with each raid.

We saw the example of this when his crew captured Ellaria and Tyene Sand and when Ellaria asked them to kill her, they didn’t speak a word and just took them away.

Euron Greyjoy is turning out to be an interesting character in this season and we want to see the terror his character unleashes in the coming episodes.

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