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HBO reveals new never-before-seen photos from the sets of Game of Thrones




It has been over two years since Game of Thrones wrapped up filming. However, the show is still the topic of conversation on various social media platforms and online forums, for good reasons or bad. After the controversial final season, Game of Thrones might have lost a few fans, but the show did have its moments, some of them were mesmerizing and mind-boggling. As we step into the new year with new hopes and dreams, and await the arrival of the prequel show House of The Dragon, let’s relive the epicness of the amazing TV show that united people from all over the world in a single fanbase.

HBO released some never-before-seen photos from the sets of Game of Thrones via the Game of Thrones official Instagram account, that spark a feeling of nostalgia as our holiday spirit slowly fades away. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Tyrion Lannister at the Battle of Blackwater.

A wrong decision was made by Ned Stark right here that ended his life.

Jaime Lannister captures Ned Stark in King’s Landing, though he’s not satisfied with the conclusion of the fight.

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Arya Stark escapes from Harrenhal.

Do these pictures ignite fond memories in your head? Can you guess which episodes these pictures belong to? Tell us in the comments below!


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