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HBO releases first photos from the upcoming Game Of Thrones episode, “Eastwatch”



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HBO has just released the first photos from the 5th episode of Game Of Thrones season 7, “Eastwatch“. The episode is named after the Night’s Watch castle named Eastwatch-by-the-sea, which is going to play an important role in this season. We have already seen Jon Snow sending Tormund to Eastwatch as he thinks that the Night King might attack the castle.

Even the Hound saw Eastwatch in the visions in the fire and he saw that the White Walkers and their dead army was marching towards Eastwatch. To make things more interesting, HBO has updated the opening credits for this season and it appears as if the water next to Eastwatch has been frozen and people are speculating that the White Walkers might go around the Wall.

All these things make the upcoming episode extremely important as we are excited to find out what really happens at Eastwatch. However, there are no photos about Eastwatch in the set of photos that HBO has just released and they mostly focus on Dragonstone and King’s Landing. Before we take a look at the photos, let’s take a look at the trailer for the episode, so that we get a better idea of what we can expect in the episode.

Here are the photos from the upcoming episode.

The first photo shows us Tyrion walking through what is left on the battlefield after Drogon unleashed his fury during the latest episode. Tyrion doesn’t seem to be very happy looking at all the destruction. We also don’t know if he and Jaime are going to meet during the scene. We would love to see their reunion.

Tyrion is standing next to Daenerys as she addresses the Lannister and Tarly soldiers that have survived the carnage. We can see in the trailer that she gives them two options: To bend the knee or die.

Back at Dragonstone Tyrion and Lord Varys have a discussion, and it mostly seems to be about Daenerys as the trailer has shown us that they seem to be worried about the way she is behaving. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Jon Snow is strolling around on Dragonstone and we can see Daenerys standing next to him and we saw in the trailer that she lands Drogon just in front of Jon.

We get to see Samwell again and now that he has cured Jorah, he’s again going through the books to see if he can find out any important information that can help in fighting against the White Walkers.

Cersei is sitting on her bed and she seems to be contemplating about something. She must’ve received news of Daenerys attacking the Lannister army and it might be possible that there’s no news about Jaime’s whereabouts and that must’ve got her worried.

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