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HBO is developing 4 Game of Thrones spinoffs!



Game of Thrones is about to enter Season 7 in about two months from now, and knowing that the show has just one last season left after this one, is heartbreaking. The show has been HBO‘s most successful venture, till date, and it is only logical that they’re preparing for the end, like we fans are. HBO seems to be on-board the spin-off train, and a new report now says that they are considering a total of four Game of Thrones spin-off ideas. Yes, four!

We have previously reported about how HBO has been working on spin-offs, but a new report by The Hollywood Reporter has dropped a massive lump of information about the spin-off idea, or ideas, now that we know that HBO is considering four of them. HBO has brought four different writers on board, along with George R. R. Martin, the creator of the Thrones universe, to develop four potential Game of Thrones spin-off series.

The four writers in question areMax Borenstein, Jane Goldman, Brian Helgeland, and Carly Wray. While Borenstein and Helgeland are working on their projects independently, Goldman and Wray have George working with them on theirs. The four series are set to cover different time periods in the timeline of Westeros. It is yet unknown whether they will be set before, or after the events of Game of Thrones. As we previously reported them saying, current showrunnersDan Weiss and David Benioff will only be on board as executive producers, and not showrunners or writers. The projects have no set time, because HBO wants to do it right, which is understandable, knowing how risky spin-offs can be.

HBO seems to be focusing on getting the right writer for the next iteration of Martin’s universe coming alive on-screen. Max Borenstein has previously written the screenplay for Kong: Skull Island and 2014’s Godzilla, in addition to having developed the Minority Report TV reboot. He is currently working on two new upcoming Godzilla movies. Jane Goldman has previously written the screenplay for Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, and the movie adaptation of Kick-Ass. She has also worked on X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, all of which make her a pretty impressive choice.

Brian Helgeland has written and directed 42, Legend, in addition to writing the story and screenplay for the 2010 film Robin Hood and The Taking of Pelham 123. In addition to this, he has also won an Academy Award for adapted screenplay for L.A. Confidential a nomination in 2003 in the same category for Mystic River. Carly Wray has biggies like Mad Men, The Bastard Executioner and HBO’s The Leftovers on her resume.

All four writers seem to be excellent at what they do, and as such we cannot imagine the hard time HBO is going to have picking one. Got any predictions for what storylines four Game of Thrones spin-off projects could be exploring? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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