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Hackers claim they have sold the stolen HBO data on the deep web



Game of Thrones Season 7 is almost over, with the finale set to air this Sunday. The season has been well received, and HBO has been getting constantly good ratings, but while that is all good, HBO has been under attack by a group of hackers, who claim to have stolen over 1.5 TB of data, and they have, since then, asked for $6.5 million in Bitcoin, and when HBO didn’t really respond, started leaking certain files from the stolen data. The hackers recently leaked a description of the final episode of Season 7, as we reported, and they claim to have sold HBO’s data for a hefty amount, by their claims. Read on!

Mashable reports that the hackers released the end of Game of Thrones Season 7, in what they termed the six wave of their leaks. Mashable, however, chose to not reveal any details of the plot leak. The hackers said, in the e-mail :

“We know exactly what HBO and shoemakers around are doing now. Unlike HBO, we never getting surprised. Pattern analysis of HBO’s silly hidden acts are as we expected. We eagerly waiting for Fireye’s report … tell them to hurry up.”

FireEye refers to a cybersecurity company. The hackers, now dubbed Mr. Smith’s group, went on to reveal that they have sold all of HBO’s data to three costumers, on the deep web. They are now claiming that the data is 5 TB in size :

“By the way, we officially inform you and other hundred of reporters whom emailing us that we sold ‘HBO IS FALLING’s entire collection (5 TB!!!) to 3 customer in deep web and we earned half of requested ransom. We put a condition for our respected customers and they approved. We will leak many many waves of HBO’s internal stuff to punish them for playing us and set an example of greedy corporation.

Game of throne is over. Wait for major waves!!! RIP HB-Old.”

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