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Grandma in wheelchair dressed as Olenna Tyrell is the most epic Game of Thrones cosplay ever!



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Game of Thrones has a giant fandom, and it keeps growing stronger. Over the years we have seen a lot of fans take up the opportunity to dress up like their favorite characters from Game of Thrones, and there have been a LOT of impressive cosplays.

Season 7 stepped up the fashion element up a notch, and fans showed up at the Game of Thrones fan convention, Dragon Con 2017, in the new costumes. The convention might have given us the best cosplay yet, with a grandma in a wheelchair dressed up as Lady Olenna Tyrell. Read on!

At the recently held Dragon Con, a 85-year-old woman dressed like Lady Olenna Tyrell. The badass grandma was in a wheelchair, and her outfit complete with thug life glasses, signs which read “it was me,” “not dead yet”, and the wheelchair decorated to look like the Iron Throne. Pictures of the cosplay have been going viral over the internet. Check out some of them, below :

Goals: This 85 year old at #DragonCon17. Cosplay for life!

— Noelle K. Adams (@pfangirl) September 2, 2017

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