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George R.R. Martin confirms he’s working on The Winds of Winter “almost every day”



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Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin last released a book from the main series 12 years ago. He has kept himself busy with a lot of other undertakings other than writing the next book: The Winds of Winter. He used to set release dates but quickly realized he couldn’t keep them. As a result, he stopped giving fans hope.

The latest news for the progress of The Winds of Winter came in October and December of last year. In October, Martin revealed the next book is now about three-quarters done. Finally, In the last update in December, he said in an interview that he has 400-500 pages to go in The Winds of Winter.

This month, he joked that “it’s only been 12 years” since the release of the last book.

George R.R. Martin has given yet another update on the progress of the next book in a blog post.

Update on The Winds of Winter

George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter

In his blog Not a Blog, George R.R. Martin discussed the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike, the progress of House of the Dragon second season, the ongoing “The Iron Throne” stage play, editing new Wild Cards books, and his work on The Winds of Winter.

Regarding the next book, Martin wrote:

“And, yes, yes, of course, I’ve been working on WINDS OF WINTER. Almost every day. Writing, rewriting, editing, writing some more. Making steady progress. Not as fast as I would like.. .certainly not as fast as YOU would like… but progress nonetheless.

It keeps me out of trouble.”

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In the heartfelt and candid statement, George R.R. Martin offers a glimpse into his writing process for The Winds of Winter. Emphasizing his unwavering commitment, he reveals that he works on the book almost every day, diligently writing, rewriting, and editing. While progress may not be as fast as he or fans would hope, he takes solace in the steady headway he makes.

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