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George R. R. Martin wants to visit Sicily after watching The White Lotus Season 2



George R. R. Martin in house of dragon

Winds of Winter is coming. In fact, it has been coming since 2011. And by now, A Song of Ice and Fire fans are more than used to waiting. But this year, George R.R Martin has given several updates about his most awaited book. In his latest blog post, the author talked about all the movies and TV shows he enjoyed this year. He says, “watching WHITE LOTUS 2 on HBO made me want to go visit Sicily… but I won’t, not until WINDS [of Winter] is done and delivered, I promised.”

The HBO comedy-drama The White Lotus has been a hit among fans, thanks to its brilliant cast and wild script. Season 2 of the show takes place in Sicily, Italy. The season finale trended on Twitter when the whodunnit was finally revealed to the viewers. After expressing his wish to visit Sicily, he congratulated the House of the Dragon cast for all their award nominations. “Oh, and awards season is at hand, and congratulations are due to HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and Emma d’Arcy for their Golden Globes nominations, and to Milly Alcock, Matt Smith, and the show for the Critic’s Choice Award nods. Well deserved. Finger and toes crossed for all of them.”

Martin also wished for more of the cast to get Emmy nods, “But hey, when the Emmy nominations come out, I will be hoping that Paddy Considine, Steve Toussaint. Olivia Cooke, and Emily Carey get some love as well. They were all extraordinary.”

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