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George R. R. Martin wants you to get hold of his lesser known gem ‘Texas Hold’em’



The Coronavirus pandemic refuses to slow down and that means extensions of lockdowns all over. Our beloved George R.R. Martin too is currently in lockdown and is currently placed in the mountains and writing Winds of Winter! However, he has something more to offer to his fans to cheer them up in the gloomy environment. Read on to find out more!

As per Martin’s Not A Blog, his book Texas Hold’em will be releasing on April 28 in trade paperback by Tor.

He wrote:

“Did you miss TEXAS HOLD ‘EM when it first came out in hardcover? No problem. Come APRIL 28, Tor will be releasing the book in trade paperback. All the fun, for fewer dollars.”

Texas Hold ‘EM is the story based on the group of kids who travel to San Antonio for a jazz band competition. Martin also mentioned that although the book is the twenty-seventh volume of the Wild Cards series, readers don’t have to read the previous versions to get hold of things.

“TEXAS HOLD ‘EM is the twenty-seventh volume of the Wild Cards series, and the third in our America Triad… but it stands alone just fine, and you do not have to have read any of the preceding volumes to enjoy it.”

About the story he wrote:

“It’s the story of a group of kids from Xavier Desmond High in Jokertown travelling to San Antonio for a jazz band competition, and all that befalls them there, starring an all star cast of favorite characters both old (Mr. Nobody, Jade Blossom, and Bubbles) and new (Rubberband, Bacho, Skeeter, The Darkness and The Dust).”

He also goes on to mention that while the wild card’s universe is both dark and light, this book comes into the lighter category. He thinks that the book is a perfect read in this lockdown period.

“The Wild Cards universe is vast, and contains both darkness and light. TEXAS HOLD’EM is one of our lighter outings, good fun read. If that’s what you are looking for during these grim days of isolation and quarantine, give it a try. I think you will enjoy it.”

Fans can also reserve an autographed copy from the man himself by ordering from Beastly Books. Interested parties can refer to the website.

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