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George R. R. Martin kept Drogon’s egg from Game of Thrones show




Game of Thrones merchandise is very rare to get your hands on, a prop from the TV show is even rarer. The cast members were themselves denied access to many of the iconic set treasures that were close to them. George R. R. Martin, however, being the creator of the fantasy series, is in possession of a rare item that was used as a prop in the original TV show, that is, Drogon’s egg from Season 1.


George R.R. Martin revealed on a recent episode of Ryan Condal’s podcast The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, “David Benioff and Dan Weiss each took one and they gave me the third. It’s the black egg, so I guess it’s Drogon that I have. That’s pretty cool.”

Martin also talked about his collecting passion: miniature knights, both from history and from fantasy fiction.


“I knew I was lost when I started going to the old toy soldier show in Chicago and buying them from dealers and buying custom ones and all that,” Martin remembered. At first, he only had enough of the figures to fill “one little case,” but eventually had enough to pack “an entire room of hundreds if not thousands of these things.”

Do you have a collecting passion as well? If so, what kind of item do you collect? Talk to us in the comments below!

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