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George R.R Martin has been ranked as fourth most powerful writer in Hollywood



George R.R Martin may not be a fast writer, but he’s one of the best writer’s in the world today, with millions of fans and millions of copies of his books being sold all over. With his highly acclaimed book series A Song of Ice and Fire having been adapted for television as Game of Thrones, Martin’s popularity continues to soar with each passing day. Although his next book The Winds of Winter is yet to come out, with not much insight on its release date, Martin keeps us updated with one news or another, be it the illustrated edition, interactive eBook version or the awards he’s winning.

In a recent report by the Hollywood Reporter, we’ve found out that Martin has achieved another great milestone in his life as a popular author. He now ranks fourth in the list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful authors. His predecessors being James Patterson on number three, Stephen King on number two, and J.K Rowling on number 1, Martin has just joined the ranks of few of the most influential authors of all time.

He’s more than happy on having been ranked fourth on this list, and he declared on his blog titled “I’m Number Four!” and noted,“I seem to recall dimly that I was number seven a few years ago, so I guess I am getting more powerful by the day. Soon I will rule the world.

He also expressed his delight on his fellow authors having achieved the same.“Actually, though… I am delighted to see so many of my friends and colleagues on the list this year. They’ve got Diana Gabaldon at #14, Ernie Cline at #12, Gillian Flynn at #11, Dennis Lehane at #10, Neil Gaiman at #9, and Stephen King at #2. All writers I’ve published, worked with, hosted at the Jean Cocteau, and just been friends with, for varying lengths of time. All amazing talents, too. As are the other authors on the list, the ones I don’t know.”

It’s amazing to see one of our favourite authors being awarded with the fourth rank on the list, and it surely makes the wait for his next book all the more exciting!

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