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Game of Thrones wants to return to Seville, Spain for Season 8 filming

Game of Thrones is a show which has been portraying George R. R. Martin‘s amazing fantasy in an equally amazing manner. One of the crucial aspects of filming such a show, is the choice of filming locations. Game of Thrones has done a good job at this, consistently. Season 7, as we know, will feature amazing locations, too. Quite a lot of it has been filmed in Spain. Werecently reportedabout how Season 8 might return to Andulasia, Spain, for filming. Now we have yet another somewhat official hint that the production wants to return to the region, and specifically to Seville. Read on!

Quite a bit of Season 7 was filmed in Seville, mostly in the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, Italica, and in the Royal Shipyards, for the King’s Landing scenes. HBO has now apparently officially contacted the government of Andulasia to get the necessary permissions for filming Season 8 in the same locations.

A new report says that HBO wants to film Season 8 in Seville because the two locations we talked about are “essential” to the plot. HBO plans to film there in the spring of 2018. However, it seems like they might face a problem. The Shipyards are due for a maintenance run in March 2018, which will mean that HBO will not be able to use the location as planned. Of course, the government will want to move around things a bit to help accomodate HBO’s filming plans, but fail all, HBO is apparently ready to skip all filming in Seville and carry it out on the sound stages in Northern Ireland. The whole thing might just end up delaying filming.

Talking about delayed filming, we have already heard that Season 8 might not air till 2019, so there’s at least the assurance that HBO will do everything right, rather than rush it all. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!