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Game of Thrones fan converts the world of Westeros into an open-world video game



Game of Thrones Game

Game of Thrones has had a fair share of video game releases over the past few years, while none of them have really worked out, few fans have taken it into their own hands to make a Game of Thrones game. Someone has made an open-world Game of Thrones video game trailer in Unreal Engine 5, so let’s check it out!

Check out the Fan-made Trailer here!

You can check out the fan-made open-world Game of Thrones Unreal Engine 5 video game trailer from this link! The video includes character models of Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and other characters.

Game of Thrones - Open World Game in Unreal Engine 5 | Concept Trailer

The caption of the video says, “Have you ever considered a Game of Thrones video game? undoubtedly all the gamers who saw that show imagined the game. We tried to make this dream a reality with the help of the most advanced Unreal Engine feature such as ray tracing, screen space reflections, Lumen, Nanite, hope you enjoy!”

Is the Game of Thrones video game real?

In case you’re still wondering if the video game trailer is even real, then sorry to say this, but the answer is no, as the above-mentioned video is just a fan-made trailer made using Unreal Engine 5. However, it is easy to say the trailer is still very impressive considering it’s just a fan-made video trailer.

Game of Thrones Video Game History

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While we’re not sure if there is a Game of Thrones video game in the works, multiple Game of Thrones video games have already been released! The first game in the list includes A Game of Thrones Genesis, it was developed by Cyanide Studios and it was a strategy game. Next up, the second game in the list includes Game of Thrones which was an action-RPG game developed by the same developer.

After Cyanide failed to make an impact with the games, Telltale also made a story-driven game which was Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, initially there was a second game planned as well, however after a few years of the release, delisted from digital storefronts with no news on whether it will ever come back. Aside from this, there also have been a few Game of Thrones mobile games as well!

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Well with that said, did you like the fan-made Game of Thrones game trailer? Let us know what you think about the trailer by dropping a comment down below!

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