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Game of Thrones’ Thomas Brodie-Sangster shows off his surgical skills in ‘The Artful Dodger’ teaser



Stars from Game of Thrones are currently landing the biggest roles available in the business. The MCU, DCEU, Star Wars, Terminator, and other well-known properties have all included a number of them. In Disney’s new Oliver Twist spinoff The Artful Dodger, the Game of Thrones star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who previously played Jojen Reed on the program, will be featured as a pickpocket-turned-surgeon.

The Artful Dodger Teaser Trailer

The Artful Dodger | Teaser Trailer | Hulu

What is the plot of the Artful Dodger?

The 1850s are the setting for the series, which stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster, David Thewlis, and Maia Mitchell. It is described as an irreverent follow-up to “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens. Jack Dawkins, also known as the youthful criminal The Artful Dodger (Brodie-Sangster), is now an adult with the nimble hands of a physician instead of being a pickpocket.

When will The Artful Dodger be available?

The Disney series, whose first glimpse was just made public, is scheduled to debut on November 29.

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