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Game of Thrones season 6 premiere episode was leaked online!



arya-1-6390765 April 26th, 12:31am September 13th, 7:45pm Rashmi Bagri22 year old. Law student. Cancerian. Epicure. Unicorn and mermaid believer. Doing this for my love for dragons and Khaleesi. Oh, And Jon. And Tyrion. And Cersei. And always remember, there is no justice in this world unless we make it.

The world wants to watch Game of Thrones, one person before another. So does the President of United states of America. He was actually officially allowed to watch season six of Game of thrones before everyone else and ahead of its schedule.

But then, the world does not disappoint either. So when an early leak happened for first episode of season six which let hundreds of people watch the episode, it felt like a display of commendable egalitarianism. This first episode of the much anticipated and loved series was made available online for a few hours, mistakenly of course. The show was actually supposed to be telecast at 9pm but then it was available online for sometime, before scheduled time.

There are certain websites to claim that a Canadian streaming website was responsible for the leak. Regardless of who leaked it or how the episode got leaked, it had to be taken down. But a number of fans had (obviously) seen it and posted numerous spoilers on websites like Reddit and IMBD. The entire thing looked like a hoax but once the episode was launched officially, it turned out to be genuine. Information about many of the things that happened in the episode, like Melisandre’s big secret was already available online before the season premiere.

This has been the second successive year when a Game of Thrones episode has been leaked online. Last year, the first 3 episodes were leaked before the season started and the leak was taken seriously and major steps were taken to make sure no Game of Thrones episode was leaked this year.

However now we know that even after taking so many precautions an episode was leaked. Hoping that there is no further leak.

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