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Game of Thrones prequel update: Filming continues at Belfast, series gets a working title



Game of Thrones is ending with the much-awaited final episode this Sunday. This might be a heart-wreak for diehard fans like me, yet we can’t evade the fact that it will be soon gone for good. Talking about what’s next, today we bring you an important update on the prequel series under production.

Last week we reported that the Game of Thrones set in Belfast has undergone some upgrade with green screens and cargos were evidently seen around it. There were rumours that David Nutter will be returning for the pilot. The latest on the series is that according to The Sun, the prequel now has a working title of ‘Bloodmoon’. A source working closely with the production team told them:

‘Thrones fans will be delighted to hear things have started with the prequel’

‘Those working on the set in Belfast are referring to the series as Bloodmoon. ‘Producers have put together a stellar cast and it will be must-watch telly for anyone who loves Game of Thrones.’

Bloodmoon, according to me perfectly fits the description for the series; we got the last year from HBO. And, I’m delighted with the fact that we will get to see the origins of the World of Ice and Fire ranging from the ancient houses to the White Walkers.

The source added:

‘We’re just trying to be really thoughtful about how to expand this universe if it makes sense, and not, like I said, kill the golden goose.’

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Yet the HBO team hasn’t given any official confirmation on the title of the prequel series. But, this new update gives me some hope from Game of Thrones after Daenerys Targaryen’s character arc got axed in the latest episode. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.


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