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Game of Thrones actor Ricky Champ would love to return in House of the Dragon



Game of Thrones actor Ricky Champ
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Former Game of Thrones actor Ricky Champ was recently in an interview where he talked about his experience with Game of Thrones, House of Dragon and more! So let’s take a deep dive into his interview. 

Ricky on Game of Throne’s spinoff ‘House of the Dragon’

Upon being asked by DigitalSpy about the prequel show ‘House of the Dragon’,  the actor said that he loved the show and also praised Paddy Considine (Viserys Targaryen) saying “I love Paddy [Considine], he’s an amazing actor.”

He was also asked whether he’d ever want to come back to the universe and star in House of the Dragon, and the actor told how he thinks he could return to the fantasy world. He replied, “You never know. It is a prequel and it’s set many moons ago, so I could be an ancestor of my character.”

Ricky on his experience with Game of Thrones

Ricky Champ

In case you didn’t know, Ricky Champ has previously played a small role in Game of Thrones. He played the role of Gatins in Game of Thrones Season 6. While he was only there for a short time, he still shared his experience in the same interview saying, “I loved doing it. It was such an enormous production,”

He said, “You had an aircraft hanger just for carpentry and another one just for costume. Their base was on the Titanic dock — where they built the Titanic.” In the same interview, he also talked about “learning how to ride a horse” and talked about his costume saying “Hacking up the Irish coast. It was amazing,”

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With that said, would you like to see Ricky Champ returning to the Game of Thrones universe and playing a role in House of the Dragons? Let us know your opinions by dropping a comment down below! 

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