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Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel to star in Dracula inspired Thriller 'The Bride'




Game of Thrones was a story that showed how different characters go through a series of transformation over time. These occurred either due to the character’s own choices or were forced by a certain situation. Nathalie Emmanuel who played the role of Missandei on Game of Thrones was one of them. She will now be seen in a new horror thriller The Bride. The movie is inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The Bride will be directed by Jessica M. Thompson. The original writer of the script is Blair Butler. Nathalie will be sharing the screen alongside Garrett Hedlund. The Bride tells the story of a young woman who is courted and swept off her feet, only to realize a gothic conspiracy is afoot. Studio Screen Gems is said to be ‘excited’ by the project and its Dracula connection and are fast-tracking it for an end-of-summer start, seeing it as a potential franchise.


Nathalie will be seen next month in the Fast & Furious franchise, reprising her role as Megan Ramsey from Furious 7. She has also just finished filming the prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Army of Thieves.

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Criminal stories are one of the most popular genres of movies and literature that are full of thrill and suspense. The fun increases exponentially when the story is told by one of our favourite figures. Game of Thrones’ Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) will be playing the lead role in ITV’s The Tower from Homeland writer Patrick Harbinson. The three-part adaptation is based on Kate London’s Metropolitan Police novel Post Mortem.

The actress has been spotted filming in Runcorn for the detective drama. She joined other cast and crew on Runcorn Cemetery on Friday, to shoot a scene involving a police funeral alongside other actors.

A series teaser released by ITV said: “In The Tower’s breath-taking opening sequence, a veteran beat cop and a teenage girl fall to their deaths from a tower block in south-east London. Left alive on the roof are a five-year-old boy and rookie police officer Lizzie Griffiths (played by Tahirah Sharif). Within hours, Lizzie has disappeared, and Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins is charged with leading the investigation.

She not only has to track down Lizzie before she comes to serious harm but also to uncover the truth behind the grisly deaths.

What chain of events took two police officers and two children to the roof of that tower block – why did two of them die?

Why did two of them survive?”

It is said that further filming is expected to take place around Liverpool and Manchester. What do you think about the upcoming drama? Tell us in the comment below!


Game of Thrones boasted a host of amazing and talented artists in its cast and crew. Even the supporting characters were highly remarkable, some became fan-favourites, like Syrio Forel. Another Game of Thrones actor Ron Donachie is set to star in Channel 4’s new drama, Screw. Donachie played Ser Rodrik Cassel, Master-at-Arms at Winterfell on Game of Thrones.

Killing Eve writer Rob Williams’ own experiences working in prisons acts as inspiration for the show. The six-part series is set to explore life behind bars as you’ve never seen it before. It promises to deliver an “uncensored, shocking and often darkly funny” look at what it’s like to be a female warden in an all-male jail.


His Dark Materials’ Nina Sosanya will take on the central role of Leigh, an officer. She worries about how her secrets could jeopardise her job as a guard if they were to get out, while Donachie plays Don, a fellow ‘screw‘.

Derry Girls’ Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (who plays a young trainee officer named Rose), Detectorists’ Laura Checkley, Line of Duty’s Faraz Ayub and I May Destroy You’s Stephen Wright also play notable roles.

It would be fun to watch Ron Donachie once again on the little screen. Are you excited about the prison drama? Talk to us in the comments below!

Game of Thrones had plenty of social messages hidden in plain sight. Though it may not be too obvious, it was a representation of our own society. According to recent research, the fantasy show is very similar to real-world human interactions. That’s the reason why the show was such a big hit, people could relate to the characters. The series was a big platform to showcase the Domestic Abuse women face behind closed doors. RAGE, a short film, will attempt to show what goes on behind closed doors and help real-life victims get the support they need. It is being made by actor Gary Wales, who featured in an episode of Game of Thrones, and filmmaker David Penman.

Rage features a ‘seemingly normal family man’ on a date night with his wife. Things turn nasty when he takes a mix of drugs and booze.

Gary, 25, said: “The whole purpose of this movie is to show people what drugs and alcohol can do, especially behind closed doors, and how it can affect families around the world.

“Every single day there are families going through this situation and no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. You could just be chilling one night and then hear an argument from your neighbours, but you don’t really know what has happened. Anything can happen. Then suddenly the emergency services show up and people wonder.”

“This is a short drama which is going to reflect on what happens behind that closed door,” Gary added. “It’s not really for entertainment purposes… it’s hard to put into words. We are also going to give people resources they can use to learn more about this and to help.”

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