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Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon wants another chance to play Inhuman’s Maximus




Game of Thrones boasted a great collection of some of the best villains in television history. An ambitious villain makes the viewers praise his motivations, while some are purely sadistic. Iwan Rheon’s Ramsay Bolton was a mix of both, though more sadistic than ambitious at times. There was another show that Rheon was in from a big franchise, it created a bit of a buzz but failed to hit its mark and was ultimately canceled. We are talking about Marvel’s Inhumans, which failed to impress the fans and critics alike. Rheon played the role of Maximus in the show, brother to the leader of the super-powered race Inhumans, the Black Bolt.

In a recent interview with, Rheon expressed a desire to return to Marvel, specifically with Inhumans in mind. He said, “I’ll take anything really. I’d love to have another crack at — I’d love to do Maximus again. I think he’s a really interesting character. And also I feel a bit sorry for him, because he is just stuck on the Moon still, but yeah, I’d love to do any of that stuff. Anything. I’m not fussy, give me anything.”


It does look like Iwan Rheon misses his days in the MCU, though they were short-lived. Well, who wouldn’t? MCU is one of the biggest and the richest media franchises right now, and together with Disney and the sprawling fanbase, Rheon’s dream might just come true.

Would you like to give Marvel’s Inhumans another chance? Or would you like to see Rheon in a different role? Tell us in the comments below!

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