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Game of Thrones is the 3rd best TV show ever according to a recent American survey




There have been a lot of amazing TV shows ever since the dawn of technology brought the window to the world within the four walls of a room, but only a few stand out as truly iconic. These comparisons have become even more prevalent ever since HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones hit the TV screens, setting a benchmark for all other programs out there. Every now and then we see a list being released, featuring the best TV shows of all time, and we can be sure to find Game of Thrones sitting high up on that list. Last year, the show secured the fifth position in BBC’s list of the greatest TV shows ever filmed. This time, we see Game of Thrones appearing once again in an American survey of the most amazing TV shows.

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According to New York Daily News, YouTube TV and OnePoll recently surveyed 2,000 US citizens to find out what TV show they considered to be the very best out of 35 options. In the results, Game of Thrones ranked third with 37% of the votes, while the sitcoms Friends (43%) and Seinfeld (40%) grabbed the first and second spots respectively.

These are the top 20 shows according to the list:


1. Friends: 43%
2. Seinfeld: 40%
3. Game of Thrones: 37%
4. Three’s Company: 36%
5. Frasier: 36%
6. The Office: 36%
7. MASH: 35%
8. Battlestar Galactica: 30%
9. The Simpsons: 29%
10. The Wire: 28%
11. Twin Peaks: 27%
12. Family Guy: 27%
13. The Sopranos: 26%
14. Sex and the City: 24%
15. American Dad: 23%
16. Law and Order: 23%
17. Grey’s Anatomy: 23%
18. Bob’s Burgers: 23%
19. Community: 21%
20. Big Brother: 21%

Released Jan. 31, the new poll’s data revealed that nearly a fifth of respondents (19%) consider the ‘80s and ‘90s the best decades for television. Interestingly, only 7% believe that we’re currently living in the best era for television.

Did your favourite show make it to the list? Talk to us in the comments below!


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Linda Lockhart
Linda Lockhart
1 year ago

Obviously not many English tv programs shows in America!

1 year ago

I guess nobody watched Orphan Black

1 year ago

LOST is easily the best show ever.