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Game of Thrones gets snubbed at the MTV Movie and TV awards

Game of Thrones has had a very good awards season this year, being nominated for most major awards, and winning many of them. The MTV Movie and TV Awards were recently held. Previously known as the MTV Movie Awards, they’re a 25-year-old awards show, that expanded to accommodate TV series this year, renaming itself. Game of Thrones and stars bagged three nominations, some in very unconventional categories. However, the show ended up winning not even a single award.

The first category was the coveted Show of the Year, and Game of Thrones was beaten by Stranger Things. The full list of nominees was as follows :

Show of the Year

Stranger Things (won)
Game of Thrones
Pretty Little Liars
This Is Us

The second category was Best Actor in a Show, which had Emilia Clarke nominated. Stranger Things bested Game of Thrones again, here, with Millie Bobby Brown taking the cake. The full list of nominees was as follows :

Best Actor in a Show

Millie Bobby Brown – Stranger Things (won)
Donald Glover – Atlanta
Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones
Gina Rodriguez – Jane the Virgin
Jeffrey Dean Morgan – The Walking Dead
Mandy Moore – This Is Us

The last category was the Tearjerker category, where the scene with Hodor‘s death being nominated. Emilia Clarke was in this category as well, from a scene in Me Before You, but both of them were beaten by This is Us.

The full list of nominees is as below :


This Is Us – Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Randall (Lonnie Chavis) at karate (won)
Game of Thrones – Hodor’s (Kristian Nairn) Death
Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith tells her children about Derek’s death (Ellen Pompeo)
Me Before You – Will (Sam Claflin) tells Louisa (Emilia Clarke) he can’t stay with her
Moonlight – Paula (Naomie Harris) tells Chiron (Trevante Rhodes) that she loves him

What do you think about the MTV Movie and TV Awards? The winners were decided by a public vote, so it seems like Game of Thrones didn’t quite make it. Do you think the winners deserved to win over Thrones? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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