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Game of Thrones fans were left stunned after The Door's tragic end



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Game of Thrones season 6 episode 6, The Door had some huge revelations. We came to know about the origin of the White Walkers, the Night’s King‘s ability to sense Bran in his vision and also about the origin of Hodor. That was the most shocking part of the episode, which left fans stunned as they saw the origin and the death of one of their most beloved character during the climax scene. That wasn’t the only death during the climax and even the Three-Eyed Raven, the Children of the Forest and even Summer died while trying to protect Bran from the White Walkers.

The episode started with the Three-Eyed Raven taking back to a time when the Children of the Forest (COTF) were fighting with the First Men for their survival and the land to the North of the present day Wall was green and filled with rivers. It was here that the COTF created the Night’s King to counter the First Men. Later Bran made the mistake of going into a vision on his own and this time the White Walkers had him surrounded him and they could see him in the vision and the Night’s King held Bran’s arm and marked it, which allowed the White Walkers to enter the cave and resulted in one of the deadliest scenes in Game of Thrones history.

This scene resulted in the deaths of many favourite characters and the sight of young Hodor screaming, “Hold the door,” while the older Hodor was holding the door to protect Bran and Meera had a huge impact on the fans. Many fans admitted to crying while watching the scene and some even compared the episode to the Red Wedding. Here are some of the reactions of Game of Thrones fans after watching the latest Game of Thrones episode.

That’s been Hodor’s whole purpose for decades. The only thing that’s been on his mind.

— Reagan Gomez (@ReaganGomez) May 23, 2016

I am wearing the Stark colors today because I am in mourning. You were too good for this world, Hodor and Summer.

— Lady Stoneheart (@LSHNorthAF) May 23, 2016

welp, if we used to say hodor-hodor-hodor to make fun of him, now we can say hodor with a lot more respect. #gamesofthrones

— Zuhra Sofyan (@zuhrasofyan) May 23, 2016

Hodor, the actual manifestation of “you had one job”

— Ally McReal (@KiaJD) May 23, 2016

Legit sobbing right now about Hodor. Like blubbering.

— (((Jonathan?Mann))) (@songadaymann) May 23, 2016

He held the door, I couldn’t hold the tear. #Hodor

— Atish Dash (@atish_dash7) May 22, 2016

Just when I thought that #GameOfThrones couldn’t emotionally traumatise me anymore. #hodor

— Tarek (@TarekChaabo) May 22, 2016

This was the most depressing thing since red wedding #GameOfThrones #Hodor

— Harsha (@TheHarsha) May 22, 2016

Literally the saddest episode ever. Summer and Hodor dying in one episode… @GameOfThrones why you make me feel like this?

— Ryan (@RyanRafferson) May 23, 2016

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