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Game of Thrones cast members shared behind the scene moments after the Battle of Winterfell



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Emilia Clarke, the talent behind The Mother of Dragons, Denaerys Targaryen was recently seen in Heathrow Airport headed for the 2019 Oscar Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles. She was seen in a bright red coat, a gray round-neck sweatshirt, black slacks, and a pair of sunglasses for the long flight all the way to Los Angeles.


After having wrapped up her work in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Emilia has been working on a movie about the FBI named ‘Above Suspicion’ which is set to be in theatres later this year. With the end of the show, most other actors have also followed suit and started working on other projects as they leave the epic saga by HBO only in their hearts and memories.

According to our previous reports,

Peter Dinklage is to give his voice to a new Audible Audiobook named ‘Heads will Roll’, while Natalie Dormer looks to star as the villain in another series named ‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.’

While fans would get to see Emilia like this in different roles and places from now on, they can catch a glimpse of Denaerys one last time with the final season of the epic saga ‘Game of Thrones’ this April. What’s more, Lena Headey has already might have revealed that Denaerys might continue to live in the final season of the show along with a handful others. In the end, all the confusion and mystery shall be resolved the onset of the final season.


Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer, the actress who played Margery Tyrell in the show for the last six years has recently been chosen to star in a leading role in a successor to Penny Dreadful. The show will be created by John Logan and is to be named Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

While the story to City of Angels will have no link to that of Penny Dreadful and will start off with a fresh cast of new characters, the story is still set to be a successor of sorts to the original story. It is set to start in 1938 Los Angeles amidst a lot of socio-political tensions tearing the country apart.

Detective Tiago Vega, played by Daniel Zovatto, gets assigned to investigate a gruesome murder in the middle of the city which leads him to explore the vast cultural heritage of the city fo Los Angeles including the Mexican-American heritage, Espionage attempts of the Third Reich and much more. True to its predecessor, Detective Tiago and his family get caught up in the supernatural powers looking to tear them apart.

Dormer is set to play the role of Magda in the series, a shapeshifter who can change her appearance to resemble anyone in the show. Other significant celebrities alongside Dormer include Jessica Garza and Johnathan Nieves.

While the cast of the show has more or less been decided upon, shooting and production are set to begin this year. However, there is neither a tentative nor a presumable date for the premiere of the show. In contrast, the eighth season of Game of Thrones already has a set premiere date and it is on the 14th of April, 2019. Actors of the series now look for roles elsewhere as the series comes to an end and fans eagerly wait to witness the end of an epic saga.


A YouTube channel which is quite active in spreading information about Game of Thrones recently re-uploaded an old video of George R. R. Martin talking about his experience of writing stories, especially his novels which the epic saga ‘Game of Thrones’ was based upon, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ Even though the video is certainly old, it does offer many explanations about why Martin is having difficulties with his latest book, ‘Winds of Winter.’ In the author’s defence, his universe has become quite large to connect and to control in a beautiful manner, and that is exactly what takes up a lot of time.

Martin was asked about whether he has any regrets about writing the things he does in his books, and he said that he had none. He likes to give up his copy to the publishers and then read it again after the draft comes out. He then rips out a few chapters or edits them to better suit what he wants his story to be.

“No. There are a few things that you’re not aware of because as a gardener with the kind of writing style that I use, I go down a lot of dead ends,” says the writer. “So there are moments of ‘why the hell did I do that?’, but they never appear in the books. I see that before the book comes out, and I rip out that chapter or revise that chapter so something different happens instead, and it feels better – works better for me. Hopefully, none of those things make it into print.”

He was also asked about whether he believes that some of his stories could have been written better, and he agrees that they could have been done so. While he does not regret them, he sure admits the fact that they could’ve been done much better than they were twenty years ago.

“I look back on things I wrote 20 years ago, before Game of Thrones… and I see from the benefit of hindsight things I could have done differently or better. But still,” says the author. “I am bad with eye colour… and I have a horse that changes sex. He’s not supposed to change sex, or she’s not supposed to change sex, but she does. I think it was Bran’s horse. Changes from a mare or a gelding or something in between books. That was pointed out to me by my fans. My fans are very eagle-eyed. They miss nothing, you bloody b*****ds!”

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His latest book, ‘Winds of Winter’ is currently eight years behind schedule and there is still no news of it. Perhaps we may never see the book, but all fans are hoping that they do. While Game of Thrones may begin its end this April 14, the rest of Martin’s story shall continue on its own path and hopefully, he’ll be out with a book sooner rather than later.

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