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Game of Thrones armorer Natalia Lee talks Season 8 weapons



Game of Thrones is set in a fictional fantastical world in the medieval age. The show has had a flair for murder and violence, and we have seen the show portray more than its fair share of wars. Now, we have seen the show use a lot of different weapons, with the last one being the giant Scorpion crossbow that Qyburn designed, and Bronn tried to use, to shoot down Drogon. Considering the end game is set to be intense with Season 8, we’re all curious about how it will all unfold in the coming season. In a recent interview, we got a bit of a glimpse at the weapons, from the armorer of the show herself, Natalia Lee. Read on!

In a recent interview with Bustle, Natalia Lee discussed her work on the show, and said that there is always a certain symbolism involved, that will come full circle in Season 8:

“I just feel we know the characters that are still around and we know that a few things have exchanged hands and been honored to other people.”

She then discussed her process :

“It always starts with the script and a summary of what’s going to happen. We get a fair idea. The script will sometimes change. We have influence from the writers. They may be very specific in what they want. We may reference back to the novels.

Especially in the sense of Heartsbane. [We’re] always trying to bring it back to the script. The actual sigils used, and design elements, and trying to tell a story. The House of Tarly is an arching family, hunting family, so we wanted to incorporate that into the hilt.


There’s definitely a few swords and a few principal weapons that we make every year that we hope will become legendary or plotlines themselves, and they kind of do. They take on a life of their own.””

Apparently Lee has done more than just design weapons on the show. She revealed:

“In the first [season] they asked me to play a character who chopped ears off called Chella. Sort of a grizzly tribal leader. In Season 5, they asked me to stunt double for an actress in the Sand Snakes, one who had a bronze handle cast snake whip. Sometimes the stunt actors might need help from us to learn — they might not know how to use a catapult.”

Speaking of working on Season 8, she said:

“I think at this point we’re all super exhausted. It feels like we’ve been through everything. I think we’ve killed like nearly everybody.”

Valar morghulis? We certainly hope not! What do you guys think about this interview? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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