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Game of Thrones actor Peter Vaughan dies at 93



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2016 has been the year which has taken quite a many legends away from us. Right from David Bowie to Severus Snape himself, Alan Rickman, the year drained us badly. Now, it has taken yet another legend away. Peter Vaughan, who played Maester Aemon on Game of Thrones, has passed away at the age of 93.

Although the British actor was known for his role in the BBC sitcom, Porridge, and for playing Aemon Targaryen, the old, wise, and blind Maester who had a soft spot for Jon Snow, Vaughan achieved a lot more than just that in his acting career. He was also in TV shows like Our Friends in the North, Chancer, and Citizen Smith, to name a few. The news of his death was announced by his agent Sally Long-Innes, according to a report by BBC. Her statement read :

“This is to confirm that very sadly Peter Vaughan passed away at approximately 10.30 this morning. He died peacefully with his family around him.”

Vaughan had a long acting career, the beginnings of which go back to the 1950s. He wasn’t your typical lead role guy, but he managed to stay relevant for a long, long time, which is a testimony to his talent. He used to call himself a character actor. Talking about his work, he once said :

“If you’re a character actor, you don’t need to wait for the next leading role. But if you are a leading man you have to wait for the next part. Sometimes that means long periods without work.

I’ve been so lucky with parts. They talk about actors resting. The only time I have ever rested in my 77 years as an actor has been when I’ve wanted to. Lucky, lucky, lucky.”

For an actor of his caliber, it was well deserved that his last role was in one of the most popular TV series, ever, Game of Thrones.

..and now his watch is ended. Rest well, Maester Aemon!

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