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George R. R. Martin wants to write more stories set in Westeros after A Song of Ice & Fire



Every time a fandom seems like it’s nearing its end, we fans try to fight our way out of it by asking for spin-offs and prequels. The Game of Thrones fandom is no different, and while the TV series seems like it might get a follow-up, the books hadn’t heard of such a possibility before. However, now, author of the books, George R. R. Martin has expressed his interest in writing more stories set in Westeros.

The discussion came up in the comments section of a post on Martin’sNot A Blog, which isn’t a surprise, considering most bits from George we’ve heard recently have been from there. The original post wasn’t related to Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire, but as always, a fan managed to question George, this time about the future prospects, rather than the series itself. User danihinze asked :

“After game of thrones, do you ever think you would do a Medieval fantasy/ Or Medieval story again.
Or even better question would you like to do another series based on this genre?”

To this, George replied :

“I will likely write more stories set in the world of Westeros after ICE & FIRE. Dunk and Egg, for starts.Will I ever attempt another seven-book megaseries set in an entirely different fantasy world? Unlikely.

I have other stories I want to tell too. SF as well as fantasy. More Wild Cards, more Thousand Worlds.”

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That is certainly exciting news. GRRM could write about Robert’s Rebellion, or a detail on the origins of White Walkers, and more. The possibilities are endless.

What story would you like to see George visit and explain? Tell us in the comments, below!


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