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Filming wraps on the longest ever Game of Thrones battle sequence



Game of Thrones has been filming for Season 8 for a while now, and recently we have been reporting about filming at the Magheramorne Quarry set, which has a giant green screen. The production seemed to be filming a battle sequence, following similar filming at the Winterfell set at Moneyglass. Apparently it’s all one big battle sequence that has now finished filming. Read on!

Mild spoilers follow, consider yourself warned.

Now, the filming is a battle sequence situated around Winterfell, and it finished filming recently. The producers and other lead crew shared thank you messages with cast and crew, one of which was from assistant director Jonathan Quinlan, who has worked on the show since the beginning. He had shared a picture to Instagram, which has since then been deleted. The caption read:

“55 consecutive nights. 11 weeks. 3 locations. You’ll never again see anything like it.”

Now, we know the battle has been filming at Magheramorne Quarry and Winterfell set at Moneyglass, but the caption says three locations. We have a clue on that, as well. Now, the last big battle sequence that Game of Thrones filmed was the Battle of the Bastards, which was filmed at Saintfield, Northern Ireland. Like we recently reported, the production was back to Saintfield, filming without much ado, so it looks like that was be the third location.

It’s also likely that the battle is all one episode, because we know that Miguel Sapochnik handles the big battles, and he’s working on Episode 3 and 5. Our guess is this entire battle will be Episode 3, and then Episode 5 will show us whatever is set to go down at King’s Landing, which is likely to be a battle again, because we’ve seen all kinds of things from the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios pointing to the fact that the place is readying itself for a siege. Maybe Bran’s vision of the shadow of a flying dragon over King’s Landing comes true, but then again he saw an icy Throne Room, so we don’t know who rides the dragon in. Anything could happen.

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