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Fans blast Ben Shapiro for his hilariously inaccurate The Last of Us review



The Last of Us Episode 3

HBO’s new big hit The Last of Us is one of the most successful shows on the television network to date. The fourth episode arrived earlier this week, and fans are really excited about continuing the beautiful and somewhat morbid post-apocalyptic journey. However, every adaptation, no matter how accurate, always has some critiques. And it seems like Ben Shapiro’s comments about the show have generated some online heat.

In one of his more recent Facebook posts, Shapiro called out the third episode for not having any zombies or any real threat, as reported by The Independent.

It is about two gay dudes who meet and have a relationship in which one grows strawberries for the other, and then they die by not being killed by zombies,” Shapiro said.

“One gets cancer and decides to essentially euthanize himself. And gay Ron Swanson decides that he is also going to commit suicide at the same time because of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Romeo and Romeo’ in this particular case.”

He added, “It’s all really well produced and it’s beautifully shot. However, here’s the problem with Brokeback Zombie Farm: It’s a zombie show. There are no zombies in this entire episode. There are no zombies in a zombie show. This is worth pointing out. It literally has nothing to do with the plot of the show.”

A number of fans have pointed out the hilarious inaccuracies in his review:

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