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Fans are going crazy over the latest Jon Snow photo from Game of Thrones season 7



HBO treated Game of Thrones fans with a nice surprise yesterday when they released 15 official photos from Game of Thrones season 7 and they really revealed a lot and as we mentioned, the fans are going crazy at the moment, looking at tiny details in the photos to see if they can decipher anything important and the fans won’t be disappointed as there are many interesting things in these photos, especially when it comes to the Jon Snow photo.


When you look at the above photo, it doesn’t seem that special. However, looking carefully at the photo, you will realize that Jon Snow is standing in the crypts in Winterfell!! That’s the place where Ned Stark built a tomb for Lyanna Stark and who knows, Jon Snow might be looking at her tomb in the above photo and he might find out something about his true parentage. Few months ago we had even posted about a theory in which Jon Snow might find out about his parentage in the crypts and this photo makes it even interesting. Here’s a small part from the theory:

“His finds his way is blocked by rocks and rubble from the collapse. He considers going back, but something catches his eye beyond the obstruction. He begins pulling at stones, and sees another tomb, prepared and empty. Clambering over the debris, he walks to the tomb and holds out the torch in the darkness, wiping away the dust from the slab.”

That’s when he finds out about his parentage! You can read the entire theory over here. Till the end of Game of Thrones season 6 Jon Snow doesn’t have any idea about his true parents and he still believes that he is Ned Stark’s bastard. However, Bran Stark who is the new Three-Eyed Raven confirmed the theory that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and many fans believe that it’s Bran who is going to reveal the secret to Jon Snow but this is Game of Thrones and you can’t be certain about anything.

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If you go by the above-mentioned theory, Jon Snow will find out the secret on his own, in the crypts and it that actually happens, it will be one amazing scene! However, it might also be possible that Jon Snow is just visiting the crypts to get a tomb ready for Robb and Rickon and he’s just looking at the other tombs but that seems unlikely.


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