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Disney responds to Peter Dinklage’s criticism of ‘dwarfist’ Snow White remake




Peter Dinklage is one of the most familiar faces in the film-making industry currently, and has played several iconic characters over the years. He has managed to break stereotypes, push away boundaries, and solidify his role as an accomplished showman. From playing Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, to starring in his wife’s musical Cyrano, Peter Dinklage has come a long way. However, he has always been critical of the way people suffering from dwarfism are presented on screen, and his recent statement has even made Disney flinch.

Dinklage recently appeared on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, where they talked about Disney’s upcoming remake of the classic Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Though Dinklage is not involved in the project, he remarked, “Literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White — but you’re still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

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Take a step back and look at what you’re doing there. It makes no sense to me. You’re progressive in one way, but then you’re still making that fucking backward story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together? What the f*ck are you doing, man? Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox? I guess I’m not loud enough.”

A Disney spokesperson issued a statement via The Hollywood Reporter, trying to make amends following Dinklage’s remarks. They said, “To avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film, we are taking a different approach with these seven characters and have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community. We look forward to sharing more as the film heads into production after a lengthy development period.”

The film is still under production, and the characters are still being reimagined for the final screening. Do you think Snow White remake would have the same feeling without the Seven Dwarfs? Talk to us in the comments below!


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  1. georg fiscus

    January 31, 2022 at 12:52 am

    No Snow White without Dwarfs !! Com´on Peter Dinklage, please no cancel culturism….!!

  2. Marion Nalbone

    January 31, 2022 at 5:19 am

    It’s been Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs since 1934 why change it.. I don’t think it has any reflection on Peter Dinklage, I just see it as acting.

  3. gruchot

    January 31, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    LotR with its dwarves seems to be next to cancel. As well as many other old stories / fables. Cancelling culture is a terrible thing.

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