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Crabfeeder Actor confirms a connection to notorious Game of Thrones Villains




The mask worn by Craghas Drahar aka Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith) must have looked familiar to Game of Thrones fans. He wears a mask in an attempt to cover the greyscale on his face and left arm. Since there was no such mention of Craghas wearing a mask in the book, Fire & Blood, on which the show House of the Dragon is based, the showrunners put a new twist on his story.

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Who are these villains?


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daniel Scott-Smith confirms that the mask he wears is the same one as the Sons of the Harpy. For those who need a refresher, the Sons of the Harpy were a group of slave lords who vehemently opposed Daenerys Targaryen’s rule in Meereen. They hid their identities behind the mask and caused damage and destruction throughout seasons 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones.

The actor says, “It was definitely a nod to that for, I guess, the fans, because it’s something familiar for them.” He continued, “and we spoke about the idea of him being the first person to wear this mask and it becoming iconic and, therefore, it’s built from that [for Game of Thrones]… Why is he wearing the mask? How does he feel about that? It’s a power statement, so he’s quite happy wearing it.”

This connection would mean that the insurgent group, Sons of the Harpy, drew inspiration from Craghas Drahar who was a sort of insurgent himself as he and Triarchy’s forces went to war with the Westerosi.

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