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Cersei's obsession with Elephants has resulted in some hilarious jokes by Game Of Thrones fans



The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8 was more of a warmup for fans. But Cersei’s disappointment over the lack of elephants in her mercenary army set some Twitter users into another kind of warmup- a train of Cersei memes.

In the episode, Cersei had sought a mercenary army from the Golden Company. She managed to hire them with all the gold that she sacked from invading the Highgarden in the previous season. On her orders, Euron must have travelled to Essos to ferry the Golden Company,  and their reported war elephants.

In the books the tale is quite different. The Golden Company was said to be founded by a Targaryen bastard which makes them loyal to the Targaryens above everyone else. We’ll have to wait to see who they pledge their allegiance to finally on the show.

For now, here are some of the best reactions to Cersei Lannister’s unwarranted demand for elephants on water…

For a cunning Queen, Cersei sure had a dumb moment there

Some instantly created crossovers and reminded us of recently released Disney movie Dumbo

These Twitter users think Cersei is a diva for wanting the enormous mammals

Even actor Kunal Nanjiani took to Twitter to take a dig at the ill-fitting Cersei dialogue

When it comes to Euron pleasing Cersei

This season better answer some of our burning questions

And what’s a GoT meme if it doesn’t make fun of HBO’s budget

“Tell Cersei it was me” memes made a comeback as well

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Thankfully, with just one significant death in the first episode, fans could rejoice and indulge in humour. For they know what kind of gore awaits them in the upcoming episodes.


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