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Details about the Game Of Thrones Season 8 opening scene have been revealed!




Yesterday, the Entertainment Weekly lit a small batch of the wildfire that HBO had been caching away from us for almost a year now. We got the very first photo from the final season of Game of Thrones as the cover of the new edition of the magazine. The lovebirds / aunt-nephew Daenerys and Jon from the final season – all that we’ve been waiting since the seventh season ended. But, a cover story by EW from the new season gives away an important scene from the first episode. Read on.


Well, no it’s not the Night King flying on undead Viserion above Cersei’s head, but the very first opening scene of the new season. The interesting detail in the cover story by the EW reads:

“Season 8 opens at Winterfell with an episode that contains plenty of callbacks to the show’s pilot. Instead of King Robert’s procession arriving, it’s Daenerys and her army. What follows is a thrilling and tense intermingling of characters — some of whom have never previously met, many who have messy histories — as they all prepare to face the inevitable invasion of the Army of the Dead.”

So, here it goes – a major callback from the pilot episode where King Robert and Co arrive at Winterfell and this scene perfectly explains Sansa’s grim look from the first footage HBO dropped a couple of months ago.

I thought about a couple of things upon seeing Sansa’s grim look – either she is not pleased with Jon’s decision of bending the knee to Daenerys or she has some bad news for him. What do you guys think?


Besides the writer and co-executive producer, Bryan Cogman explains what the final season will be like especially with multiple characters coming together. He explains,

“It’s about all of these disparate characters coming together to face a common enemy, dealing with their own past, and defining the person they want to be in the face of certain death…It’s an incredibly emotional, haunting, bittersweet final season, and I think it honors very much what George set out to do — which is flipping this kind of story on its head.”

Already getting chills here for Season 8 and can’t wait for this scene to play in the final scene! And hoping the Dragon Queen doesn’t touch anyone this time at Winterfell as it didn’t turn well for the ones touched by Robert. What were your thoughts on this exclusive sneak-peak of the final season by the EW? Tell us in the comments.


Spoilers, duh. With memorable dialogues like “I’ve always had blue eyes!” and a jump scare at the end that made us topple of our seats, the final season of Game of Thrones premiered with a bang. Given the impending war, Jon and Daenerys, since they have their priorities in order, found the time to take the dragons for a little joyride. They zoom around for a bit where Jon clings on to Rhaegal with all the grace of a duck out of water. They then land near a waterfall where some healthy flirting and kissing ensues.

Fans were about as pleased with the whole thing as Drogon was. Fans have pointed out that it is too reminiscent of Jon’s moments with his first lover, the wildling Ygritte.

A quick recap:

In season three, Jon took Ygritte to a cave where one thing led to another and they ended up doing the nasty. In a sentence, Jon Snow-ed her a really good time. So much so that Ygritte winded up saying, “Let’s not go back. I don’t ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow.”


Cute, but Ygritte ended up dead in the next season so it was fun while it lasted. Her last words were, funnily enough, a throwback to the cave scene, where she said to Jon, “You remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave.”

Parallels have been drawn between the cave scene and the Jon-Dany waterfall scene where Daenerys ended up saying something eerily similar – “We could stay a thousand years. No one would find us.” Now it might be a bit of a stretch to say that Daenerys dug her own grave with that line, but then again this is Game of Thrones. And if there’s one thing they’ve never been shy of, it’s killing off important characters in a heartbeat.

“I don’t ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow. Not ever.”

“We could stay a thousand years. No one would find us.”

Bodes well! ?

— Mallory Rubin (@MalloryRubin) April 15, 2019

Jon + Daenerys + Waterfall = Jon + Ygritte + Cave ?

— Martha Cantú ? (@marthzcantu) April 15, 2019

Dany – “We could stay here for 1000 years no one will ever find us.”Ygritte – “I dont ever want to leave this cave”.

Me to Jon – listen to women #GameofThrones #GOT #got8 #forthethrone

— KellieisComing (@KellieIllichman) April 15, 2019

What do you think? Will Dae bae soon be dead bae?


In the 20 minute behind-the-scenes tidbits of the series titled “Game Revealed”, we found out that Star Wars creator George Lucas paid a secret visit to the Game of Thrones Season 8 set.


David Benioff expressed in the video that when they found out that George Lucas wanted to visit, they assumed it to be a practical joke. Benioff added, “we were really excited and also nervous because it’s George Lucas”.

The first time I could remember telling stories was me as a little kid, mashing together these Stormtrooper dolls. For so many of us, [Lucas] is the one who started this obsession with this big epic storytelling”, Benioff narrated as he reminisced about his Star Wars fandom days. Benioff and D.B Weiss are set to create a new Star Wars trilogy for the franchise as well.

The behind-the-scenes clip shows Lucas with the cast and crew while filming the first episode of Season 8, “Winterfell”. In the clip, Lucas talks to Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington and he is also shown watching some footage with veteran director David Nutter.

Apart from “Game Revealed”, fans are also anticipating HBO’s forthcoming two-hour documentary about GoT’s last season. It will be called “Game of Thrones: Last Watch” and will premiere one week after the series finale.


The Greyjoys, or rather the last of them, finally reunite in the first episode of Game of Thrones season 8.


As Yara is held captive by her uncle Euron, she questions him as to why he has kept her alive anyway. He jokes about wanting someome to talk to among the “mutes” and what better company than someone from his own family.

Of course, Euron did not really flee since the happenings of the last season. He is shown as stationed on the harbour near King’s Landing, as he brought the Golden Company as a mercenary for Cersei. While Euron is sneaking away to spend some time with Cersei at King’s Landing like an excited teenager, Theon comes to Yara’s rescue.

As he proceeds through the ship, there is an eerie sense of silence. And once Theon frees Yara, the reunion is not as cheery as one would think it to be. Because it’s Yara Greyjoy we are talking about, the first thing she does is yank Theon’s head with hers, tripping him over to the ground. What else would she do? Theon literally fled succumbing to his alter ego “Reek” in season 7 as he refused to fight and stand by his sister against their Uncle Euron’s attack. He fled by jumping off the ship.


But the bitterness doesn’t last that long, and she reveals that Euron is not capable of taking the Iron Islands back with the number of ships and soldiers he possesses. That’s when she suggests that “we can take our home back”. 

As Theon informs her that their ally Danaerys has gone North, Yara rationally stresses that Damaerys “will need somewhere to retreat if they cannot hold the North. Somewhere the dead can’t go”. 

It’s at this point where we see the brother-sister rapport. Theon tells Yara that she is his queen, and he is set to go wherever she commands him to go. And like a sibling, Yara anticipates that Theon wants to go to Winterfell to fight for the Starks, not the Iron Islands.

Yara doesn’t protest, and tells Theon to go fight at Winterfell. As Theon is ready to take leave, chanting “What is dead may never die”, Yara says “but kill the bastards anyway”, referring to the White Wwalkers. Truth bomb, much?

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