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Bloodmoon, canceled Game of Thrones spinoff, could’ve had a Stark-Lannister wedding




Update (6 February 2024): New information has come to light which hints that Bloodmoon was likely going to feature House Casterly, not Lannister. As such, the wedding we have discussed here is possibly a Stark-Casterly wedding. Original reporting follows below.

Game of Thrones ended after an almost decade-long run, but HBO didn’t waste any time in exploring more stories set in Westeros. The first approved prequel series to the show had begun the early stages of production, with the working title of ‘Bloodmoon‘. However, it was canceled after the pilot episode was filmed. But details about the series have been making rounds on the internet along with the leaks, and they are quite intriguing, including a potential Stark-Lannister marriage.

Canceled Game of Thrones spinoff had a Stark marrying a Lannister

Quite recently, several pictures from the shelved Game of Thrones spinoff Bloodmoon have been circulating on social media. Some snaps of Naomi Watts were posted by the show’s Hair and Makeup artist, along with a few older ones by Wake the Dragon. Putting two and two together, a new theory has come to light. It has been theorized that the show held a marriage ceremony between ancient Starks and Lannisters at Casterly Rock. Actress Naomi Watts was supposed to play a Lannister, though not confirmed which one.

Naomi Watts at Casterly Rock

Naomi Watts at Casterly Rock via Flora Moody’s Instagram

The photos that were recently leaked by Bloodmoon’s Hair and Makeup artist showed Naomi Watts in a ceremonial attire. Many have surmised it to be a wedding gown, and in one of the pictures, it is clear she is at Casterly Rock. Fans have linked it to a photo that was leaked during the filming, a boat that showed a peculiar symbol. The symbol resembles a mix between a lion and a wolf, further supporting the wedding theory.

Why was the Game of Thrones spinoff canceled?

In an earlier interview, HBO’s executive VP of drama Francesca Orsi revealed why the network chose to shelve Bloodmoon. She said, “Bloodmoon really stood out as different, with unique world-building. Tonally it felt very adult, sophisticated and intelligent, and there was a thematic conversation at the center of it about disenfranchisement in the face of colonialism and religious extremism.”

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Robert Greenblatt, the then chairman of HBO’s parent company WarnerMedia explained, “It wasn’t unwatchable or horrible or anything. It was very well produced and looked extraordinary. But it didn’t take me to the same place as the original series. It didn’t have that depth and richness that the original series’ pilot did.”

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