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Ben Hawkey talks about Hot Pie's reunion with Arya Stark in the latest Game Of Thrones episode



Ben Hawkey who plays the role of Hot Pie in Game of Thrones, made his comeback to the show this Sunday when ‘Stormborn’ aired. Before this, he was last seen in the show in its 4th season where he shared the screen with Brienne and Podrick. However, his last meet with Arya was all the way back in season 3 after they were being held by The Brotherhood Without Banners.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Hawkey stated that the call was unexpected and he had no idea that he would be returning back to the show.

“I was confused. I didn’t know why they needed me, to be honest. I only recently just watched all the episodes. I hadn’t seen any of it.”

The show creators were really keen to bring Hot Pie back on the board. Quite concerned about the plot leaks, producers didn’t even want Hot Pie segment to leak in the market. Hawkey says that even the emails he had been receiving from the producers addressed him with a own code name. Although we all think that Hot Pie’s character is not of that importance to the story (no offence) but Hawkey really enjoys his character and its reunion with Arya and believes it to have its own space.

“It was really nice. It’s like a perfect little Hot Pie scene… It’s quite light isn’t it? It’s so nice to be a lighter character in a really dark show,” the 21 years old said.

When asked about his experiences on working with Maisie, he said, “It’s interesting because we’ve both grown up quite a bit. I was just about to say we are no longer immature but we both still are!”

On his prospective return to the show in the final season, he said that he was okay with whatever decision is taken by the showrunners on return of his character. He would love to make an appearance when called upon, but if not, he thinks it to be good as well.

Nevertheless, we do like Hot Pie segments on the show. It would be really nice to see him in the final season as well, if possible with a major role to play.

Do tell us what you think of the Hot Pie’s return on the show in the comments section below.

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