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Ben Crompton hints about surprises in Game of Thrones season 7 and more news from the sets



Dolorous Edd has been a staunch supporter of Jon Snow since the beginning and Jon surely owes his life to Edd. Initially, Dolorous Edd didn’t have a major role to play, but as the season progressed, his character started gaining importance.

In Game of Thrones season 6 it was he who made sure that the Wildlings arrived just in time to save Ser Davos Seaworth and company from the mutineers. When Jon Snow left, the Night’s Watch, it was he who became one of the unlikeliest Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Looking at the way things are going, it is highly probable that he might have many important scenes in Game of Thrones season 7.

Ben Crompton, who plays the role of Dolorous Edd, spoke at the Sunderland Echo Portfolio Business Awards about Game of Thrones. “We are back on season 7 and we have a lot of fun,” he said. “It is a genuine set that you can interact with.” However, he was careful about what he said and he made sure that he didn’t give out any vital piece of information. “I am like a lot of the fans, I am always keen to find out what will happen next,” he said. “It is exciting when the scripts come through.”

However, he did tease everyone about what might happen in the upcoming season. “There are some surprises, We are gearing towards the end. Everyone is assuming certain things will happen but I won’t say if that is the case.”

Game of Thrones season 7 is making the world go crazy right now, and with all the filming developments going on, there are a lot of tidbits we’re getting almost every day.Recently, Emilia Clarke took a picture with a fan, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are hanging around Belfast again, and there’s some more news about filming in Spain.

What a lovely person, thanks for signing the Terminator Blu Ray for Poppi xx @emiliaclarke @EmiliaClarkeNet @Terminator @GameOfThrones ?

— B Griffith (@MagazineBrian) October 13, 2016

Maisie Williams (Arya) and ‘blonde’ Sophie Turner (Sansa) out and about together again in Belfast.

— Irish Thrones (@IrishThrones) October 11, 2016

Since production has now set up at various locations in Zumaia, the crew at Itzurun Beach is hiring men to crew specialized longboats, with the end goal of shooting material at sea. Here’s a possible boat that will be used there:

DÍA 12: Esta embarcación que ha llegado hoy, tomará parte en el rodaje de #JuegoDeTronos en #Zumaia. ¿Quienes irán dentro?

— Jon Urbieta (@jonurbieta) October 14, 2016

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With all of this new going around, the wait for season 7 is getting all the more exciting.

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