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Bella Ramsey is looking forward to ‘fighting more’ in The Last of Us Season 2



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Bella Ramsey, a Game of Thrones alum, became one of the lead actors in The Last of Us playing the role of Ellie. Since the show became an instant hit, it took no time for HBO to greenlit a second season and since then, there have been a lot of talks about what to expect from the second season. Recently, even Bella herself talked about the second season in an interview, so let us take a detailed look at what she had to say!

What does Bella want from The Last of Us Season 2?

Upon being asked about the second season, she said that she just wants to do more fighting. In an interview with L’Officiel USA, Bella Ramsey said, “I’m very open to anything. I’m looking forward to seeing how Craig and Neil adapt the story of the second game into another season. What I’m actually looking forward to is fighting more, but that’s just for me, not really for Ellie.”

What does Bella think about The Last of Us Season 1 Finale?


In the same interview, Bella Ramsey also talked about the finale of the first season. She said, “I can see why Joel did what he did. Me as Bella, I’m not mad about it or mad at him, but Ellie is mad obviously because [being the cure] was her purpose. That’s what she was. She felt like she actually mattered and, ironically, Joel took away that purpose from her because she mattered so much to him.”

Producer Craig Mazin and Co-creator Neil Druckmann have already confirmed that the events of Part 2 will require multiple seasons to properly bring the storyline of the second game to life. While we’re still not sure about the release date for the second season, the show makers are hinting at a late 2024 or early 2025 release! It’ll be interesting to see what lies ahead for the show.

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Well with that said, are you excited to watch The Last of Us Season 2 when it releases? Let us know by dropping a comment down below!

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