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Bella Ramsey developed an eating disorder after Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey leaves The Worst Witch due to mental health issues

An incredible group of actors made up the Game of Thrones ensemble. Bella Ramsey‘s portrayal of Lyanna Mormont was the most fascinating aspect of the show, even for the most ardent critic. Regretfully, Ramsey encountered mental health challenges and had to make a difficult choice. Ramsey struggled with eating disorders after Game of Thrones, when they joined The Worst Witch.

Bella Ramsey suffered from eating disorders after Game of Thrones

Most people suffer from some kind of mental health issue at some point in their lives. For Ramsey, it was right after they left Game of Thrones to join another show, The Worst Witch. They told The Guardian that they developed an eating disorder during the first season, were “in the thick of it” by the second and decided to walk away despite recovering by the third.

“That whole experience was full of many highs and lows. I was just ready to say goodbye, take a break and go on to other things”, they said.

Bella Ramsey left a heartfelt message after leaving The Worst Witch

Back when leaving the show, Ramsey wrote in an Instagram post:

“Forever grateful for my time as Mildred in The Worst Witch, but there is a time for everything under the sun. And series four was my time to say goodbye to Mildred.”

They added:

“Thank you fans for all your support, thank you to the crew over the three years, thank you to all the residents of Cackles Academy, thank you to Jill Murphy for this wonderful world you created. It was completely my decision to say goodbye for reasons I can’t really go into but to everyone reading this, please prioritize your mental health and do what’s right for you.”

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