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Behind the scenes photos from House of the Dragon Episode 9 show The Green Council having fun




House of the Dragon episode 9 showed us the internal politics of the Greens. There are people fighting for power within the Green Council as well, but off-screen, they’re partying it up. Here are photos the cast members shared after episode 9 aired.

Luke Tittensor (Ser Erryk Cargyll), Ewan Mitchell (Aemond Targaryen), Fabian Frankel (Ser Criston Cole), Tom Gylnn-Carney (Aegon II) and Elliot Tittesnor at a club


Photos from Fabian Frankel’s Instagram of Behind the Scenes from Episodes 7 and 9:

Matthew Needham (Larys Strong) and Jefferson Hall (Tyland Lannister)


Phia Saban (Helaena Targaryen) snacking on set:


Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower) making Tom Glynn Carney, and Luke Tittensor with a staff laugh


Phia Saban looks like she’s trying to jokingly ward Otto off from her on-screen mother, Olivia Cooke(Alicent Hightower)


Paddy Considine (King Viserys Targaryen) in Episode 7 hair and makeup


Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen) and Fabian Frankel having a chuckle


Luke and Elliot Tittensor relaxing in between scenes


Paul Kennedy (Jasper Wylde) talking to Jefferson Hall


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We love to see the cast members have so much fun on and off the set! Looks like the Green boys had lots of fun on their own too. Which character from the Greens is your favorite? Let us know on our discord server.

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