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Greens get their first big win Battle at Rook’s Rest in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4

RIP to the Red Queen and the Queen Who Never Was.



Rook's Rest House of the Dragon Season 2 trailer
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House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 saw the biggest battle on the show yet. After the Battle of Burning Mill notoriously happened off-screen, we have had just enough anticipation for some action to take place on the show. Here’s how the Battle at Rook’s Rest went down.

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Battle of Rook’s Rest leaves multiple Targaryens and dragons injured and dead

The Battle at Rook’s Rest started off with Criston Cole and Gwayne Hightower attacking Rook’s Rest instead of going for Harrenhal. Lord Staunton sends for help, and we see Rhaenyra reluctant to send Jacaerys to fight. The Queen Who Never Was, Rhaenys, volunteers to go with Meleys to Rook’s Rest.

We see Rhaenys arrive with Meleys, raining fire over the Green army. Instead of expected panic, Criston Cole asks the guards to “give the signal,” as per his plan. It’s revealed that the plan is Aemond, who is hiding in the forest with Vhagar. Before he can fly out to fight Rhaenys, he sees Aegon arrive with Sunfyre, which isn’t a part of the plan at all. He waits until Aegon II and Rhaenys are entangled in battle before joining in.

While Sunfyre and Meleys are entangled, we see Aemond say Dracarys to Vhagar. His expression suggests he’s aware that he will burn both of them and their dragons. Meleys dodges the attack, but Aegon II and Sunfyre falling hundreds of feet into the ground.

Rhaenys decides to charge at Vhagar. For a while it looks like Meleys could get the better out of Vhagar, and that it’s won. However Vhagar appears out of nowhere. It lunges at Meleys’ throat, and as the life in Meleys’ eyes faces, we see Rhaenys falling down with her, likely plummeting to her death.

Rhaenys Meleys death scene

Image: Max

We don’t find out if Aegon’s is really dead, nor do we see Rhaenys, although she’s very likely to have died. Criston Cole is seen looking for Aegon II, and he spots Aemond standing before Sunfyre, with his sword drawn out. Aegon II is seen laying in front of Sunfyre, burnt. We don’t know if Aegon is dead, but Cole’s reaction makes it look like he’s at least incapacitated.

With Aegon II and Rhaenys, and their dragons Sunfyre and Meleys out of the game, we’re not sure of what comes next. However, with Rook’s Rest secured, the Greens have their first big win, but there’s one more big battle left this season.

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