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House of the Dragon’s Arty Froushan shares more behind the scenes photos from Episode 7




House of the Dragon episode 7 was definitely a roller coaster. So much happened in less than 60 minutes. Laenor Velaryon’s paramour finally received some proper screen time as well. Fans were glad to see Laenor get his happy ending in a universe where that is a rare occurence. Arty Froushan who played the dashing knight Ser Qarl Correy, shared a few pictures on his Instagram. By the looks of it, the cast had tons of fun on the set of episode 7.

Arty Froushan with Ty Tyrell (Aegon Targaryen II)


Matthew Needham (Larys Strong) with Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower)


Arty Froushan with Graham McTavish (Ser Harrold Westerling)


Arty Froushan with John Macmillan (Laenor Velaryon)


The duo on what looks like the shores of Driftmark


Arty and John near their trailers


Bonus: Here’s a photo of Alicent’s boys Aegon and Aemond Targaryen (Leo Ashton) with the younger one in crutches for reasons unknown


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