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Alberta Media Production Industries Association confirms Game of Thrones filming in Canada involving wolves



Game of Thrones had a good run with Season 6, with the series being well received by fans and and critics alike, and performing well at this year’s awards season. The filming for Season 7 went on for a quite a while, and should have wrapped up by now. The last report of Game of Thrones filming we heard was when Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show, was spotted in Canada, accompanied by reports which said that the direwolf stand-in wolves were preparing for filming, too. Now, the Alberta Media Production Industries Association has confirmed that Game of Thrones was indeed filming in Canada, specifically in Banff.

Talking to Global News, Michael Jorgensen, the chair of AMPIA, confirmed that Game of Thrones was in the town :

“I just spent the weekend with the DOP [director of photography] of Game of Thrones in Banff. They are shooting. It turns out Alberta has the biggest wolves in the world, so they’ve shot a little bit here.”

Micheal also talked about other productions coming to Alberta. He said :

“There’s a real opportunity for us to bring bigger productions like we have in the past – the Unforgivens, the Brokeback Mountains, Interstellar most recently and The Revenant – that bring in a lot of money, employ a lot of people, and touch a lot of areas of the Alberta economy – restaurants, hotel, rental cars, carpenters, labourers.”

The production of Game of Thrones filming with the wolves, and Maisie being a part of it, had us speculating that Nymeria and Arya could finally reunite. We haven’t seen Nymeria in a long time, so maybe Season 7 might bring her back.

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What do you think? Will Nymeria finally reunite with Arya in Season 7? If not, what else could Maisie filming with the wolves mean? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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