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According to this fan theory, another Stark is going to return on the show | Wiki of Thrones



Game of Thrones season 6 has become the season of returns. We have already seen Jon Snow return from the dead, Bran Stark and friends returning after season 4 and Rickon after season 3. We just came to know in the latest episode that Brynden Tully is also making a comeback and there are good chances that we will also get to see The Hound. And now, it seems that we might see another character returning to the series and this time it might be a Stark and that too Benjen Stark!

Benjen Stark, Jon’s uncle and Ned’s brother has not been on the show after season 1. In fact, the last time he was showed on Game of Thrones, he had dropped Jon Snow to Castle Black and rode north of the Wall. There was no sign of his return after that. And his existence has been debatable in last five seasons.

But going by the Promo for episode six, ‘Blood of my blood’, it seems like Benjen Stark will now return to Game of Thrones. Reddit user Starfishsamurai has suggested that the scene from the preview of episode six and one from the season six trailer are connected. The one where a man on horseback is seen killing a Wight in a setting very similar to the one in which Meera and Bran are in right now, out in the snow, with Wights behind them.

The redditor mentioned this and wrote, “Meera is alone with Bran without any protection looking at something happening in front of her. Some wights are closing in and Meera has no way of defending herself or Bran. She needs someone to swoop in and save them. In the season 6 trailer we see a man on horseback with a flaming flail killing a wight. Whoever this is knows how to kill wights effectively and seems to have been out here for a while. Wildlings don’t have horses so he had to have come from south of the wall.”

He also shared the following pictures to make his point.



Joseph Mawle, who played the role of Benjen Stark has already been credited as the Brother Beyond the Wall in the coming episode on his IMDb page. His name wasn’t included in the list of actors in season 5 finale even though he had a flashback. So now that his name is mentioned, it definitely means that he has a proper role in the episode. Benjen Stark is going to return and rescue Bran and Meera. Maybe he will be playing a role similar to what Coldhands played in the books. The character of Coldhands was removed from the series but in the books, he was the one who guided Bran, Hodor, Meera and Jojen to the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave.

Game of Thrones season 6 episode 6, Blood of my Blood airs this Sunday on HBO. Take a look at tit’s preview.

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